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A week with J Huete

Important week with Javier Huete CEO and owner of J Huete International and his Export Manager Guillermo Baquero touring the UK discussing different potential projects.

Huete are a global leader in vented polythene structures ideal particularly, for the production of fruit amongst many other crops. Understanding the opportunities this affords the grower is key to the decision making process so much of the talk has been a more detailed look at the environment inside the structure and how to control it.

As with all market segments there is a range of qualities available and Huete position themselves firmly at the top of the tree in this department. In the UK we insist on the highest levels of manufacturing not least to withstand some of the challenging weather that we face. Wind seed and snow loads are are individually calculated and guaranteed on each specific structure dependent upon the growers requests.

If you are looking at gathering information about vented structures then please get in touch.

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New partner J Huete

During The Fruit Logistica Trade fair, J Huete and Penny UK signed an agreement which gives Penny UK the exclusive distribution rights to the market leading products manufactured by the Huete team in Murcia, Spain.

This is a great strive forward for both companies. Huete have been looking for a serious commercial business capable of handling and managing the UK market for their structures and growing systems. Penny UK have been doing this type of business for many years and experience alongside innovation is a winning formula that the management team at Huete recognised.

Penny have also been given the rights to the sister company Hydroponic Systsems which manufacturers a series of complimentary systems for growing and drainage allowing farmers to collect run off effectively and to introduce additional oxygen to the root system, so vital for a healthy crop.

Pictured is Stewart Penny, Commercial Director of Penny UK and Guillermo Baquero responsible for J Huete’s export sales.

A joint trip to the UK is already planned in, probably the first of many, and both parties are keen to deliver structures and complete turnkey packages in the near future.

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Fruit Logistica Berlin 2020

Commercial Director Stewart Penny and Technical Manager Simon Taylor spent two full days at the trade fair, Fruit Logistica in Berlin on 5th and 6th February.

Key highlights for the Penny team, was working closely with two of our suppliers, Senmatic and J Huete both of whom had stands at the show. Indeed J Huete’s sister company Hydroponic Systems were also in attendance.

The technology available to the global fruit market is a real eye opener and something which kept the team busy for the two days.

The UK fruit industry is on the edge of some real change and with the catalyst of Brexit, growers and suppliers to the industry have to not only ‘think up’ innovative ways to grow more fruit and save money, these ideas have to be available to be implemented now! So we have to look at innovation globally understanding the solutions already out there so to speak.

J Huete, Hydroponics and Senmatic are all leaders in their respective fields and are ready to be at the start of the changing face of UK soft fruit and Penny UK are ready to introduce and manage the uptake with our existing range of completely complimentary products.