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A week with J Huete

Important week with Javier Huete CEO and owner of J Huete International and his Export Manager Guillermo Baquero touring the UK discussing different potential projects.

Huete are a global leader in vented polythene structures ideal particularly, for the production of fruit amongst many other crops. Understanding the opportunities this affords the grower is key to the decision making process so much of the talk has been a more detailed look at the environment inside the structure and how to control it.

As with all market segments there is a range of qualities available and Huete position themselves firmly at the top of the tree in this department. In the UK we insist on the highest levels of manufacturing not least to withstand some of the challenging weather that we face. Wind seed and snow loads are are individually calculated and guaranteed on each specific structure dependent upon the growers requests.

If you are looking at gathering information about vented structures then please get in touch.