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The Complete Wholesale Irrigation Solution

Running a business is hard enough so having access to up-to-date expertise is hardly a luxury. It’s critical for your business’s growth and success. And when your order gets delivered, you want to be certain you’ve bought the correct equipment. This can only happen when your supplier understands both you and your customer.

Sales & Communication

Understanding the needs of customers is a sales skill that’s often neglected. Having this skill enables a supplier to provide the right solution even if it winds up being different to a customer’s initial thoughts. Providing the links between manufacturers and end users is critical – as is managing that communication. Penny UK wants to be the conduit for our dealers to a wider understanding of all aspects of irrigation.


The best solution isn’t always the obvious one. You may have the best products but still only get modest results. In order to understand what the best solutions are, you have to understand what the problems are. With this in mind, Penny UK work closely with its suppliers and are constantly organising technical trips abroad, enlightening seminars and in-house visits.


Selecting and representing the best technology can be a minefield. There are many manufacturers who offer products but not so many who can offer the right products with the right support for the UK. In all our pursuit of product, its easy to become blinded by the variety on offer. Forging deep and long-lasting links with supply partners is the best way to guarantee superior product technology. At Penny UK we select the very best technology for all our systems and solutions.


Good implementation is what makes a system perform to its maximum and makes your customers the profit they’re due after investment. We know this is what keeps farmers coming back year after year. Working with our dealers post-sale on either a technical or commercial level adds understanding to the whole supply process. We also offer our dedicated dealer’s an option to use their own logoed notes and packing tape to promote their name to their customers.


Designing a forward-facing supply structure requires investment, dedication and vision. Our investment in warehousing and stock, and the dedication of key supply staff with market vision, all make for a successful distribution system. Supply is something Penny UK are very proud of. We work to your requirements not our own and always go the extra mile for you and your customers. We also offer our dedicated dealers an option to use their own logoed notes and packing tape to promote their name to their customers.


After the sale is complete, we understand the value of ongoing support. Managing the system you pulled together, sold and supplied, still needs both our inputs to ensure efficient operation. If something doesn’t work, most irrigation managers blame the product and not themselves. It’s why this support needs to be a 12-month a year investment arrangement.