About Us

Building a Successful Company Requires a Vision and Teamwork

Our vision is predicting the market and this requires experience and a key skill. Communicating this to our customers by linking international manufacturers to local distributors, relies upon an implementation process which includes having a wide ranging stock of advanced materials and the means to get them to site on time.

But having a great product doing the wrong job does not help and our industry is awash with failed great ideas. The best solution is always based on advanced post sales support, which is integral to the success of the sales process.

Penny UK have built a team of great professionals full of experience, used to managing a successful irrigation trade wholesale company. We are always customer focused.

The clear strategy of the Penny UK management team is to continually reinvest in the business to maximise the company growth potential and ultimately increase the sales and the profitability of its customers.

We are constantly taking briefings from our customers, planning how as a team, we can increase market share. This working with the customer ethos is a central tenent of what we are about at Penny UK.

Penny UK operate from a fully stocked warehouse offering internationally acclaimed products. Having products on-site, correctly and as quickly as possible has always been a key requesite for the farming industry. Growing decisions can change from week to week and Penny UK needs to change with them.

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Our Teamwork Has Been Hard Built Over Many Years

As the Commercial Director, Stewart Penny understands the irrigation business better than anyone. And this shows in the growth he has already achieved for Penny UK. His insight into the business as a whole at both a strategic and product level is well proven and unique.

Managing Director Wendy Penny has financially managed many different companies, all importing materials in multi currencies from all parts of the globe. She has also been responsible for coordinating the purchase, construction and fit out of the new warehouse and offices in Cheshire. Built on budget and delivered on time.

Neil and Julie Penny offer complete control of the CRM and logistics. Handling thousands of product lines on a daily basis and ensuring the rapid and correct on-time delivery service on which Penny UK is based. Both have worked in fast moving distribution and manufacturing companies importing products from all parts of the globe.