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Senmatic updates

The capabilities are more available at this unit than the other ones.

It has a new generation decoder system that can be added in future to control the valves and get back info from field sensors as temperature, humidity, radiation, leaf temperature, ec out, drainage . We call it Siip system.

SIIP – Senmatic Intelligent Irrigation Program

• Save water and fertilizer by timely irrigation

• Increased yield and high plant quality with minimised risk of diseases

• Save labour due to the automated irrigation system

• Short return on investment

• Satisfy customer’s need for uniform products

• Standard software included for the whole set-up

• Work with real time data

• Prevent accumulation of fertilizer by EC-regulation on radiation / runoff amount and EC

• Keep all data inhouse – ease the data integration

• In particular appropriate for Soft Fruit production in gutters – but is of course also suitable for other kind of productions

Grow feed systems have to be forward facing as well as super accurate and we believe that the Senmatic is the only system than can be relied on to do this.

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