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Fruit Logistica Berlin 2020

Commercial Director Stewart Penny and Technical Manager Simon Taylor spent two full days at the trade fair, Fruit Logistica in Berlin on 5th and 6th February.

Key highlights for the Penny team, was working closely with two of our suppliers, Senmatic and J Huete both of whom had stands at the show. Indeed J Huete’s sister company Hydroponic Systems were also in attendance.

The technology available to the global fruit market is a real eye opener and something which kept the team busy for the two days.

The UK fruit industry is on the edge of some real change and with the catalyst of Brexit, growers and suppliers to the industry have to not only ‘think up’ innovative ways to grow more fruit and save money, these ideas have to be available to be implemented now! So we have to look at innovation globally understanding the solutions already out there so to speak.

J Huete, Hydroponics and Senmatic are all leaders in their respective fields and are ready to be at the start of the changing face of UK soft fruit and Penny UK are ready to introduce and manage the uptake with our existing range of completely complimentary products.