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TVD automatic filter

Recently we have improved a large soft fruit grower secondary filtration, by using 11 TVD automatic disc filters by Tavlit. HAving the units on-site will reduce water wastage by low flushing flow required by these units.

And make sure that in field irrigation is safe from any biofilm or build-up of algae from the main pipes.

Please get in touch if you require further technical info or advice .

Description of product:

TAVLIT line of automatic disc filters model TVD combines high-quality depth filtration with efficient flushing of the disc element. This unique automatic disc filter (patented), enables flushing at a very low pressure of 1.5 bar as compared to 3 bars normally required by such systems. The innovative technology of the filter uses venturi devices inserted at the spine´s inlets that introduce air during the flushing process to enhance it. the mixture of air and water enables more efficient flushing, uses smaller quantities of water for flushing, and shortens the flushing time. It also enables proper flushing at low pressure. The use of air also cushions the discs thereby reducing friction and prolonging the disc element life. The venturi devices insert air from the atmosphere and no external power or compressed air is required. The venturi devices are open only during flushing and do not operate during filtration. The filter element is composed of highly accurate grooved discs from excellent quality plastic materials. The grooved discs are compressed together to form the filtration element. The intersections between the grooves and the outer surface of the element offer large effective filtration surface with in depth area used to stop debris is especially effective in filtration of organic matter.

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DGT by Senmatic Harvest your full business potential

DGT by Senmatic develops sustainable technology solutions for modern horticultural production, ranging from greenhouses and garden centers to large-scale vertical farms and research facilities.

They specialize in controller technology for optimization of crop growth and product efficiency, and deliver complete and configurable solutions for horticultural applications, such as electronic and mechanical climate control, irrigation and fertilizer mixing, and horticulture LED grow lights. We also offer full line solutions built from our wide and deep product range.

Our product range provides 360° management of your installation – from complete climate control solutions and flexible fertilizer mixing systems to management software and powerful LED fixtures delivered as single product solutions or full line solutions. We have an outside-in perspective: we develop products with customers for customers.

Reliability, user-friendliness and the possibility of combining and configuring our systems and products keep us at the forefront of the horticultural industry. Our controls are all tested on-site at commercial greenhouses during development.

Put simply, we develop state-of-the-art products with long life spans that improve your return on investment.

Your sustainable technology partner

Our products allow you to create healthier crops under full control – even where climate traditionally would be a challenge for production. We focus on developing products that enable sustainable production for all our customers.

In addition to products offering improved sustainability, we work with three of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Read more on how we work with sustainability here.

Their history

Founded under the name DGT (Danish Greenhouse Technology) in 1956, we bring more than 65 years’ experience to the table. In 2004, DGT was acquired by Micro Matic and placed under Senmatic and in that connection renamed to Senmatic. As of today, the two names have been combined and we are now known as DGT by Senmatic.

Who will you meet at DGT by Senmatic?

We highly value personal corporation with all customers, small or large. Working closely with our customers is the key to our success, and why we are one of the leading global suppliers of horticultural controls and equipment. It is also why our sales team consists of horticultural growers and technicians: they truly know their way around a greenhouse and with their extensive hands-on experience they can guide you to solutions that match your exact needs.

With distributors in more than 20 countries, we support customers on most continents. Most of our distributors have cooperated with us for many years. They are all very technical skilled and highly qualified in supporting you in our product range and how to ensure you the best solution.

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Supreme fittings video



Man’s primary need has always been to drink, feed and have enough water to improve the quality of life, up to having direct access to it in his home.
A journey started by man thousands years ago …. and undertaken by us since over 40 years, to offer an increasingly complete range of items.
All for applications in agricultural and residential irrigation, greenhouse and open field crops, wells, civil and industrial construction, mines and firefighting, water treatment, air conditioning, swimming pools.
Wherever there is water Quapus sa srl is able to offer reliable, innovative, flexible and economic plant solutions.

Applications with temperatures from -10 ° C to + 60 ° C to use the products of the Supreme fittings range in any part of the globe. This also where logistics and infrastructure are not available and operators have limited experience. When using for urban water networks, it is important to be able to distribute H20 in buildings with reliable, easy-to-use and maintenance and above all economic systems.

From the analysis of these needs the various product families were born, part of the Quapus SA srl by Supreme fittings offer. Today we have come this far, tomorrow is to be built by working together with our customers, installers, distributors, builders, public and government bodies, engineering and design companies. Thank you for sharing your needs, ideas, proposals with us.

Their satisfaction will be the basis for our / your future growth.

Let’s work together to build a better tomorrow


Our milestones


Supreme Fittings Trademark
Supreme Fittings Trademark filing


The Quapus by Supreme fittings team

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Fruit Focus 2021

Fruit Focus 2021, was good to be back on Trade shows, meeting again familiar faces. #fruitfocus2021@PennyIrrigation

Fruit Focus has returned on 21 July 2021 at NIAB EMR. Usually attracts an increasing number of visitors year on year! It brings together growers and industry professionals, giving them a unique opportunity to network with leading exhibitors, that are looking to share recent developments, technologies and products. It showcases all aspects of agronomy, machinery, equipment, business information, pre & post-harvest technology and marketing.

Fruit Focus is the key event for the fruit industry and gives industry professionals a chance to see a good range of exhibitors from all areas of the industry which includes; soft fruit, top fruit, orchard fruit, as well as vines.

Finally, after a year of uncertainties and lockdown periods, we were back at a Fruit Focus. Showcasing our Jhuette complete Turnkey projects, DGT by Senmatic automatization products, filtration by Tavlit.

We had inquiries during the hot day, regards structures, automatization and filtration. But it wasn’t as in the past people are still a bit reluctant to go out and mingle in large crowds.

We look forward to next year’s show when we will have even more people visiting , as the Covid will be long gone.

Showcasing Complete Turnkey Projects, Tavlit filtration and DGT by Senmatic
Interview regards Turnkey Projects on Hortiweekly
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Senmatic updates

The capabilities are more available at this unit than the other ones.

It has a new generation decoder system that can be added in future to control the valves and get back info from field sensors as temperature, humidity, radiation, leaf temperature, ec out, drainage . We call it Siip system.

SIIP – Senmatic Intelligent Irrigation Program

• Save water and fertilizer by timely irrigation

• Increased yield and high plant quality with minimised risk of diseases

• Save labour due to the automated irrigation system

• Short return on investment

• Satisfy customer’s need for uniform products

• Standard software included for the whole set-up

• Work with real time data

• Prevent accumulation of fertilizer by EC-regulation on radiation / runoff amount and EC

• Keep all data inhouse – ease the data integration

• In particular appropriate for Soft Fruit production in gutters – but is of course also suitable for other kind of productions

Grow feed systems have to be forward facing as well as super accurate and we believe that the Senmatic is the only system than can be relied on to do this.

Contact us for more details.

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Turbo Fog

Fogging system for cooling humidifiying water and spraying treatments. Low pressure air and water fogging system for greenhouses.


  • Greenhouses
  • Farming
  • Industry
  • Leisure and residential

Structure and features

Turbo Fog is a patented hydro-pneumatic fogging system. It provides a unique compressed air-water fog system, which operates at low air pressure (2 kg/cm²- 2.5 kg/cm²) and low water pressure (2.5 kg/cm² – 6 kg/cm²). Droplet size, fog distance (cloud) and flow rate per nozzle can be varied and adjusted based on application requirements, by simple regulation of air and/or water pressures.

  • Ultra-fine droplet Size from 5 micron and adjustable flow rate start from 1.3 lph
  • Significant energy saving
  • No risk of clogging
  • Possibility of automated spray solution with high uniformaty
  • Total coverage of the entire greenhouse
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Fewer mixers, better results at the nursery DanRoses

When DanRoses took ownership of an older nursery on the Danish island Funen four years ago, seven fertilizer mixers from the 1980’s controlled all watering in the production, but the process was always monitored by the grower due to instability and errors. Now, fewer new mixers give better results – and peace of mind.

Since the 1980’s, seven AMI 900s and AMI 90s watered the 25,000 m2 indoor rose production at the Danish nursery DanRoses. But in later years, the grower began overseeing every single watering during daytime manually – simply because he was unsure of the old mixers’ ability to perform and whether the valves would open as intended.

“Some mornings we discovered that the planned watering at night hadn’t even started and we knew that we would not be able to catch up with watering before having to pack roses in our packing department. As a result, we would take a loss,” says Lars Olsen, who is responsible for the daily management, production, and sales at DanRoses.

Now, the seven old mixers have been replaced with three new AMI Penta from Senmatic, and the system needs no human control. “We now know that irrigation is carried out as planned with the correct dosage of fertilizer. I drive to work in the mornings with far more peace of mind and we experience less loss in our production,” says Lars Olsen, production and sales manager.

Watering reduced from 12 hours to just 2,5 hours daily
The old mixers had active watering activities for 12 hours every single day. One pump could control only one watering valve at a time and it took 40 minutes to water per valve.

With the AMI Pentas, active watering activities have been reduced to just 2,5 hours daily, irrigating through three valves simultaneously – in just 20 minutes. “We used to spend hours upon hours on watering. The old pumps were instable, we had no security when it came to fertilizer dosage and had to control the process manually. That time is now free for other tasks – and we even save fertilizer, because of the high accuracy of dosage. It’s much more effective,” says Lars.

Even greater focus on precision and large capacity with AMI Penta
Senmatic’s AMI Penta is designed to set even greater focus on the plants’ need for precision fertilizing and accurate acidity in the irrigation water and at the right time.

AMI Penta can control up to 100 groups with individual start conditions. For each group, you can choose between 20 different recipes with information about EC, pH, and the fertilizer mix. Each group can control up to 30 valves, and these can be chosen freely between the 200 valves available today in the mixer. Up to 9 valves can irrigate at the same time which gives a maximal utilization of the capacity. Irrigation time and volume can be set individually for each valve.

For more information:

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Air & Vacuum Air Valve AV10


The AV-010 Air & Vacuum Valve discharges air at high flow rates during the filling of the system and admits air at high flow rates during drainage , pump shut-off or at water column separation.


Agricultural and landscape irrigation laterals.


The air & vacuum valve discharges air at high flow rates during the filling of the system and admits air at high flow rates during drainage, pump shut-off or at water column separation.

High velocity air will not blow the float shut. Water entry will lift the float which seals the valve.

The smooth discharge of air reduces pressure surges and other destructive phenomena.

At any time during system operation, should internal pressure of the system fall below atmospheric pressure, air will enter the system.

The intake of air in response to negative pressure protects the system from destructive vacuum conditions and prevents damage caused

by water column separation. Air entry is essential to efficiently drain the system.

As the system starts to fill, the valve functions according to the following stages:

  1. Entrapped air is released by the valve.
  2. Water enters the valve, lifting the float and sealing the valve.

When internal pressure falls below atmospheric pressure (negative pressure):

The float will immediately drop down, opening the air & vacuum orifice.

Air will enter the system.


Main Features

  • Working pressure range: 0.2 – 10 bar
  • Testing pressure: 16 bar
  • Working Temperature : 600 C
  • Maximum intermittent temperature : 900 C
  • The body is made of high strength composite materials, and all operating parts are made of specially selected corrosion-resistant materials.
  • Drip-tight sealing at low pressure.
  • All parts are UV protected.
  • Lightweight, small dimensions, simple and reliable structure.

Valve Selection

  • Available in 3/4” (20mm), 2” (50mm)
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Senmatic VLT new product

Product information of 5th March 2021

This information only deals with pressure control in AMI Penta and VA Penta as it requires a long explanation. Therefore, it is the only product change you get informed about this time. More information about product changes will follow the coming weeks.

If you need any clarification, you are of course always welcome to contact us.

AMI Penta and VA Penta – Pressure control

Pressure control is a pump controlled by a B&R VLT frequency controller. The user can add up to 2 VLT controllers to the system. All the pressure control settings have been gathered in one place. Common pressure control
Pressure control enabled
No: Disabling pressure control.
Yes: Enabling pressure control. It is required to go to I/O setup and make a config by pressing the button “Make config” to load VLT frequency controller 1 into the system. Pressure pump mode
A: Only VLT 1 is enabled.
A + B: VLT 1 and 2 are enabled. This function is used to run with two pressure pumps in parallel where each pump is controlled with a VLT frequency controller. A “Make config” is required to load VLT controller 2 into the system. Pressure pump 1
Settings in this section affects only VLT 1 controller. Minimum speed
Minimum speed for pressure pump 1. The speed will always be converted to revolutions per minute (rpm) in code behind and be sent to VLT 1 analog output. The minimum speed is independent of the PI regulator which means that the pump always will maintain the minimum speed even if the PI-demand is below that minimum speed. The controller will switch to the PI-demand as soon as the actual speed demand gets over the minimum speed. Start delay
A time delay for starting pressure pump 1. Stop delay
A time delay for stopping pressure pump 1. Pressure pump 2
This section appears when the pressure pump mode is set to A + B. Settings in this section affects only VLT controller 2. Minimum speed
Minimum speed for pressure pump 2. Pressure pump 2 will only start if pump 1 gives a signal to pump 2 to start. This is dependent on the setpoint “Pump 1 speed for start pump 2”. Pump 1 speed for start pump 2
The speed of pressure pump 1 to start pressure pump 2. Start/stop delay
A time delay for starting and stopping pressure pump 2 Start hysteresis
Hysteresis for starting up the pump. Start condition
Time: the start of pressure pump 2 is only dependent on pump 1 speed for start pump 2 and the time delay.
Pressure: The start of pressure pump 2 is dependent on pump 1 speed for start pump 2, a time delay and a pressure input switch. Regulation
I time
Set the integral time for the pressure regulation. P Factor
Set the Proportional factor for the pressure regulation. [bar] Common readings
This reading section is common for both pressure pumps. Pressure
Reading the actual water pressure. Pressure demand
Reading the wanted pressure demand. P Contribution
This is the Contribution from the P regulator. [%] I Contribution
This is the Contribution from the I regulator. [%] Readings
Reading the status of pump 1 and 2 Speed demand
Reading the current pump 1 and 2 speed demand. Pressure fault
Fault reset
Manual fault reset of pump 1 and 2. This can be used if the fault could not be auto reset within the pump alarm delay in the alarm settings. The reset button will only reset the latched fault if the error disappeared physically from the VLT. Alarm status
Off: Indicates that no fault exists on the VLT
On: Indicates that a fault exists on the VLT