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Turbo Fog

Fogging system for cooling humidifiying water and spraying treatments. Low pressure air and water fogging system for greenhouses.


  • Greenhouses
  • Farming
  • Industry
  • Leisure and residential

Structure and features

Turbo Fog is a patented hydro-pneumatic fogging system. It provides a unique compressed air-water fog system, which operates at low air pressure (2 kg/cm²- 2.5 kg/cm²) and low water pressure (2.5 kg/cm² – 6 kg/cm²). Droplet size, fog distance (cloud) and flow rate per nozzle can be varied and adjusted based on application requirements, by simple regulation of air and/or water pressures.

  • Ultra-fine droplet Size from 5 micron and adjustable flow rate start from 1.3 lph
  • Significant energy saving
  • No risk of clogging
  • Possibility of automated spray solution with high uniformaty
  • Total coverage of the entire greenhouse