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Senmatic Ami Penta


Large capacity and flexibility

AMI Penta can control up to 100 groups with individual start conditions. For each group you can choose between 20 different recipes with information about EC, pH and the fertilizer mix. Each group can control up to 30 valves, and these can be chosen freely between the 200 valves available today in the mixer. Up to 9 valves can irrigate at the same time which gives a maximal utilization of the capacity. Irrigation time and volume can be set individually for each valve.

Underlining it’s quality, AMI Penta operates with the very well-known brand GRUNDFOS as the main mixer pump.

Optimizing of water resources

To get the same water mix to all valves in the same group, you can mix fresh water sources and return water in ratio percentages. Up to 8 return water basins can be selected with individual control. Thereby the return water is recycled and the water resources optimized. 

Modern technology
When you buy an AMI Penta, you get exactly the functions and the functionality you need. The software in AMI Penta is based on a standard operating system and is easy to update and expand with more functions and larger capacity when needed. AMI Penta can be connected to one central PC with the SuperLink central control program for further analysis.

What’s in it for you? …… see below

  • Software for all groups, recipes and opening of valves are included in the price – no extra future cost if your needs change
  • Reliable – high quality – long-lasting mixer
  • Flexible setup up to 100 irrigation groups with up to 30 valves per group
  • Advanced control of plant growth by use of sensors
  • Setup your own fertilizer recipes (up to 20)
  • Many languages are available and switching between them is very simple. This minimizes the risk of human errors in nurseries employing people of different nationality
  • Always delivered with mixing tank – ensuring the right mix of fertilizers and thereby higher accuracy of EC and pH control
  • User-friendly touch display – intuitive and easy-to-use menus securing the full overview
  • Several starting options by additional choice of various sensors
  • Based on your greenhouse’s needs
  • To be designed for your special requirements

AMI Penta AMIGO/INJECTER rig     Technical data                       

  • Grundfos pump
  • Pressure for injection in main line to fit users needs
  • 5 x Fertilizer units venturi 750l (4 fertilizers + 1 acid)
  • 1 x Flow sensor for mount of saddle camp om main flow
  • Valves outlets 24VAC incl. AC transmitter
  • Build on a platform L120 x W79 x H130 cm
  • mixer tank on 130 L with level switch
  • 1 x PH sensor
  • 1 x EC sensor
  • 1 x inlet of water
  • Touch screen with all software included for :
    •  200 x valves
    •  100 x valves groups
    •  20 x recipes
    •  Many starts conditions with sensors and much more
  • 1 x Flow sensor with saddle clamp for pipe
  • 1 x Radsum sensor
  • 1 x VLT pressure control for system pump, built for wall mount

SIIP – with decoder

  • Run off counter
  • EC sensor for the run off
  • 4 x moisture and temperature sensors

Feedback from our users :

Look at all our happy Growers whit their new Senmatic mixers!
After having the systems in place for this season they told us that they now have a better overview of watering and fertilising, making them more effective. Also they started using new decoder systems for sensor monitoring, bio venturi channel for special product applications and the SiiP system for more automated Irrigation triggering.