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Adir Filter

ADIR Manual Filters

ADIR professional filters are offered in screen and disc.The high-quality filters combine a large filtering area with low head loss making them ideal for high flows and large quantities of dirt. Filters are offered in two pressure ratings: 10 bar (145 psi) – black body and cup.   6 bar (85 psi) – grey body and cup.Available sizes:25 – 80 m”m (1″- 3″)
Available Screens:
Stainless Steel weave wire screen :80,120,155,200 mesh.Available Disc elements:40,80,120,140 mesh.

ADIR 2″ & 3″ Filters –

Available sizes:2″ & 3″; (50 & 80 mm).

Filters are offered in two pressure ratings: 

10 bar (145 psi) – black body and cup.

  6 bar (85 psi) – grey body and cup.

Two configurations are available:T and in line.

Filters can be supplied with stainless steel weave wire screen or with disc element.

Available screens: 80,120,155,200 mesh;(200,120,90,70 Micron).

Available disc elements: 40,80,120,140 mesh;(425,200,120,105 Micron).

Screen filtration area: 950 cm^2; (147 inch^2).

Disc filtration area:1025 cm^2; (159 inch^2).


Body & Cup:P.P.+GF(PN  6 – 85 psi).

                P.P+GF (PN 10 -145 psi).

 Locking ring :PA+GF

 Screen: Stainless Steel weave wire screen.

 Disc spine :P.P.

 O rings :EPDM.

 For more information please refer to the attached PDF