Pro Van Nozzles


  • Fully Adjustable Arc From 0° to 360°
  • Precision Adjustment
  • Exclusive “Smart Grip” Head Design
  • Compatible With Any Male-Threaded Riser In The Industry
  • Visible Left-Stop Arrow On Top Of Nozzle

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Pro Van Nozzles technical posts

  • How To Adjust the Pro-Van Nozzle
  • Description

    Featuring an exclusive “Smart Grip” head design that requires no tools, Irritrol Pro-VAN nozzles provide the industry’s easiest 0° to 360° arc adjustment– even when wet–while ensuring precision adjustment for pinpoint coverage.

    No more dry spots on the lawn. No more wasted water on sidewalks or driveways. Pro-VANs are available in five radii, from 8 to 17 feet, and each allows for up to a 25% radius reduction for even further fine tuning. Plus, because each nozzle is compatible with all Irritrol spray heads, as well as any male-threaded riser in the industry, nozzle inventory can be dramatically reduced. Additional features include a visible left-stop arrow at the top of the nozzle to ensure setting accuracy and colour-coding for easy radius identification.