NDJ Top Dripline PC AS 16mm 1.0mm


Innovative, cost effective, pressure-compensating (PC) and Anti-Syphon (PC AS) thin to medium-walled dripline.

  • Perfect for row crops like soft fruit, vegetables etc
  • Variable topography
  • Irrigation of long rows with high uniformity

Priced per metre.

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NDJ Top Dripline PC AS 16mm 1.0mm technical posts

  • Drip Irrigation TopDrip By NaanDanJain
  • Description

    Main Features

    Range of drippers and accessories in various configurations.

    Three dripper design elements to minimise clogging:

    1. Large water passages for optimal durability
    2. Unique double self-cleaning mechanism
    3. Cascade labyrinth incorporated for maximal clog resistance.
    • Protection from root intrusion
    • Allows longer laterals with CU of 95%
    • Multiple channel water inlet for operation under heavy dirt load
    • Low CV 3.o%
    • Close dripper spacing creates a continuous wetted strip.
    • Four different flow rates
    • Two models avaliable: PC ( Pressure Compensating ) and PC AS (Anti-Syphon)


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    Additional information

    Drip Flow Rate


    Dripper Spacing

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