NDJ Click Tif HD Dripper Barb


Heavy Duty Pressure-Compensating (PC) & Compensating Non-Leakage (CNL) Button Dripper

  • Greenhouses, nurseries. orchards, Vineyards, landscapes and garden plots
  • Pulse irrigation and irrigation in soilless conditions
  • Prevents surplus drainage in low places (CNL model)


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Main Features

Heavy Duty range of drippers and accessories in various configurations

Four dripper design elements minimise clogging:

  1. Protected water inlet
  2. Flushing mechanism of regulating diaphragm
  3. Strong turbulent flow in labyrinth enables continual cleaning and flushing
  4. Large water passages
  • Colour-coded for identification of discharge and model
  • Standard 5 mm tapered outlet for working with connectors or barb outlet for 3/5 tube
  • Chemical-resistant, high-grade plastic for precision and durabilityTwo models available: PC and CNL (Compensating Non-Leakage)
  • Unique “sharp edge” CNL design prevents dirt accumulation and ensures reliable operation under difficult conditions
  • 6 different flow rates


Additional information

Drip Flow Rate

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