5022 SD-U Single Nozzle ½” M


Features and Benefits

  • Unique hammer with SD (Super Diffuser) provides perfect uniformity of distribution
  • Low droplet impact and low application rate
  • Less sensitive to clogging#
  • Higher resistant to wind
  • Recommended for closely spaced row crops, such as potatoes
  • Irrigation for vegetables, flowers and nursery crops
  • The hydrodynamic design of the nozzle and special arc water passage facilitate wider radius of throw, which reduces the number of sprinklers required per unit area

Can be combined with LPD, to maintain a full irrigation system

  • Allows immediate operation of the whole system
  • Prevents drainage and damage to the soil structure
  • Provides uniform irrigation
  • Saves water

5022 SD-U Single Nozzle ½” M technical posts

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